We have considered a number of important local issues when planning our approach
Local character

The proposed masterplan has been designed to maintain key views of the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and from key vantage points around the village and surrounding area.

The proposed new homes will be built using a palette of materials that reflect those used in the village and wider area. The proposed development prioritises the demolition of the former commercial buildings that exist on the site and their replacement with new homes over. This is favoured over development of greenfield land that has not been previously built on.

The village landscape

The site is brownfield land, which currently contains a number of former agricultural buildings.

The proposed new buildings will be set back from the A39, with existing trees on the A39 frontage retained and maintained to preserve the secluded character of the site.

A number of new trees and green features are proposed for the site, to protect long distance views in the wider area. An area of existing paddock will be retained as open space for use by the local community.

New A39 junction

The proposed development includes a new traffic light junction, at the intersection of St. Mary Street and the A39 Cannington Road. This junction will help slow traffic passing the village on the A39 Cannington Road and create a safe pedestrian crossing for new and existing residents.

Raised areas of 'shared space' will be included on road surfaces within the proposed development, designed to naturally calm road vehicles and increase safety for pedestrians.

Local opinion

Nether Stowey is in the process of creating a Neighbourhood Plan, which will guide how the village will develop and evolve in the future.

In the Neighbourhood Plan survey carried out in May 2016, 56% of respondents said that the Cricketer Farm site was the best/second best of the sites suggested. Our aim is to work in partnership with the Parish Council and the community to create a high quality development that reflects the aspirations and housing needs of local people.

Ecology and drainage

As part of any planning application that comes forward, we will include a detailed ecological impact assessment. This document will set out what habitats exist in and around the site as the moment and what measures we need to take to mitigate the impact of the development on these habitats.

We propose to build a new drainage system on-site, to mimic the 'Stowey Brook' system found in the local area. This comprises balancing ponds connected by a stream, which will take any flood water that arises on the site.

Access by road vehicles

A vehicle access is proposed off the A39 Cannington Road, which will connect directly to the proposed road junction.

Every new home on the site will benefit from at least one parking space, in the form of a garage, driveway or private parking space away from the property. In addition, visitor parking is provided.

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