We are proposing new homes, open space and traffic improvements for Nether Stowey
What is happening?

Strongvox Homes is proposing to build around 110 new homes at Cricketer Farm, Nether Stowey. This includes affordable homes for rent and homes for shared ownership.

The plans will also deliver a new traffic light junction and pedestrian crossing on the A39, in line with the aspirations of the emerging Nether Stowey Neighbourhood Plan. The proposed new junction will help slow traffic speeds along this part if the A39 and create a safe crossing point for Nether Stowey residents to move from the village centre to the area around the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the public footpaths that extend to the north east of the village.

Why here?

The site in question is brownfield land in a well-connected location, close to local facilities and village amenities, particularly on completion of a new safe crossing between the site and the village facilities.

Nether Stowey Parish Council is currently in the process of creating a Neighbourhood Plan for the Parish. As part of this work, in May 2016, a questionnaire canvassed local opinion on where new homes should be built and how the community would like to see the village look in the future. Early indications are that this site would be a suitable location for new homes.

What stage are we at?

Strongvox Homes is currently preparing a detailed planning application for the site, having held some pre-application discussions with Nether Stowey Parish Council and with Sedgemoor District Council to discuss issues relating to design, landscape, road and pedestrian access and the setting of surrounding buildings.

We have now drawn-up an initial master plan for the site, which reflects discussions to date with Sedgemoor District Council and the Parish Council. Before this plan is finalised, we would like to understand what the community think of our proposals and if there are any issues that they would like us to consider.

What is proposed?

Click on the image above to see a larger version of the master plan.

What is included?

Our proposals for the Cricketer Farm site include the following key elements, which are subject to change following the outcomes of this consultation exercise:

  • Around 110 new homes
  • 17 affordable homes, a proportion of which will be for rent and the remainder will be for shared ownership
  • Junction improvements on the A39
  • New areas of green open space, including retention of existing paddock
  • New play area for younger children
  • A new drainage system with connecting ponds, in the style of the 'Stowey Brook'
  • Financial contributions to local community infrastructure
How can I have my say?

Before we finalise our plans for the site, we would love to know what you think of our plans and if you feel there are any other issues that we should consider.

Please take time to have a look at our masterplan. You can also find more detail about the other issues we have considered by visiting the What issues have we considered? page.

We will also be holding a drop-in event for the local community to ask questions and submit written feedback, as follows:

Wednesday 8th May 2019 from 4pm to 8pm
St Mary's Church Centre, 27 St Mary St, TA5 1LJ

Once you have had a chance to digest the information on this website, you can send your feedback by visiting the Have your say page.

How will the proposed development look?

Click on the image above to see a slide show of drawings showing how the proposed streets could look

Where is the site?

The site is located to the north of the A39, to the east of Nether Stowey. The proposed planning application boundary is highlighted with a red line on the interactive map below.
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